Vi-John Shaving Cream – Classic



Key Features:


– It also works as an antioxidant

– It has antibacterial properties

– Makes aftershave skin soft and radiant

– The cream heals skin cuts, razor nicks, and razor bumps



Vi-John Shaving Cream – Classic

also known as Vi John or Vjohn Give your skin the best aftershave care with Vi-john​​​​​​​ Shaving Cream –  Classic. It is made of an extremely effective essential tea tree oil from Australia that comes with several skin damage control properties. The oil has powerful germicidal properties that work on the skin bacteria and provides nourishment to the skin. Vi-john Shaving Cream –  Classic also helps in healing shaving woes like skin cuts, razor nicks, and razor bumps. Besides protecting the skin from common bacterial issues, the shaving cream also serves as a great skin bacti-guard that makes the skin soft and supple with a natural glow after the shave. So tell goodbyes, to the wounded hard skin aftershave, bring the classic shaving cream and make all the change!



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