Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer, Germ Protection on Hard & Soft Surfaces


A wide variety of high traffic surfaces such as tables, door handles, chairs, carpets, curtains etc. are touched often by a number of different people and are a reservoir for a wide variety of germs and bacteria. Introducing, Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray which will help keep you and your loved ones safe by killing a wide range of germs like bacteria, fungi, moulds & virus. This versatile spray disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step. Savlon’s unique spray formula can be used on various hard & soft surfaces to kill 99.99% germs around your home and leave the house smelling fresh and pleasant. It is also effective in killing H1N1, rotavirus and norovirus. Its active ingredient also kills antibiotic-resistant germs.


Ready to use and easier than other surface sanitizers. Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray protects your family by providing an effective germ-kill.
Kills a wide range of virus, bacteria, molds & fungi etc.
Incredibly versatile with a fresh & pleasant smell. Can be used on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces around your home.
Kills 99.99% germs around the home including antibiotic-resistant germs
Disinfect high-traffic surfaces such as Tables, Door Knobs, Chairs, keys, packages etc with one easy spray
Directions for use: Shake can well and spray on surface to disinfect. Allow airing dry. No need to wipe

Ethanol Ip (95% V/v) – 62.00% W/w Equivalent To 84.24% V/v* Absolute Alcohol Denatured With Isopropyl Alcohol 3.1% W/w Excipients & Propellant *%v/v In Product Excluding Propellant.


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