Glori Rose Bathing Bar Soap 4x60gm


Glori kare Total Clean !!

Key features
Unisex soap: It is a unisex bathing soap and is ideal for both men and women.

Pleasant fragrance: The soap offers a refreshing Rose fragrance, which will keep you smelling fresh all through the day.

Good lather: The Glori soap produces generous lather. So, users can have a pleasant bathing experience.

Manufactured by RSPL Limited (RSPL)


Every household uses soap for hygiene purposes. This item is widely used for bathing or washing hands across India. A lot of customers in the country prefer a soap that offers a good citrus fragrance, as it is pleasant and leaves one feeling fresh throughout the day.

One of the top-selling soaps in India is the Glori bathing soap. Customers love the pleasant, long-lasting aroma that it offers. For this reason, you should buy Glori bathing soap . Given its high demand and wide popularity, Customers appreciate the brand and shop for this bathing soap often


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